Why Are My Friends Ahead Of Me In Life?

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Why Are My Friends Ahead Of Me In Life?

Do you look around and see all of your friends killing it in life?

Let me give you a little pointer, they’re not.

You might look around and see them having fun, getting good grades in school, making lots of money, crushing it in life? Maybe all of your best friends are married now and you’re the only one still dating.

“Why them and not you?”, you may ask yourself.

The reality is that they’re just not telling you the complete truth. They’re “half truthing you”.

You don’t see the lows, because they hide them from the world. You only see the highs that are posted on social media.

And there’s a perfectly logical explanation…

Whether consciously or not, they’re hiding their life lows from you. They want the life that they see when looking at you.

Hence, life is much easier when you can pull out high points and market yourself well in life. The reality check is that life isn’t just highs!

They’re not doing as well as they’re leading you to believe. You’re just more honest than they are.

You should truly only be comparing yourself to who you were yesterday. And should come up with a framework on how to continually improve yourself.

Contrary to popular opinion, you are not in a race against anyone else. You should only be focused on yourself and your own self improvement.

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They Only Tell You Their Wins

Most people in life are conditioned to brag.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s reality.

People make a huge deal of their big wins, and they literally ignore and don’t even talk about their losses.

So when you see your friends doing well, they only tell you the good stuff.

They tell you about all the money their business made last month, but they don’t tell you how much they spent.

They tell you how well their relationship is going, but they don’t tell you about the fights they get in constantly with their partner.

Maybe you’ve even started a business with a close friend.

So you’d know the real story of how they’re doing.

Social Media Paints A Fake Picture – Smoke And Mirrors

This is probably this biggest part of the picture here.

Imagine this: you wake up and you see all of your friends posting amazing pictures of their current lives.

Maybe they’re on vacation in Hawaii, maybe they’re making a ton of money in their business and they’re posting about it on Instagram.

When they’re posting a picture on Instagram of them and their partner, you feel “envy”. You don’t see the image filters. You don’t see the makeup. You don’t see the “FaceTune” App that makes their eyes big and their wastes thin.

You don’t see the current fight that they’re in with their partner.

You don’t see the fact that they skip meals because they want to look better in pictures.

I don’t blame them. I blame society and these social media platforms that normalize this behavior. We’re a skin deep society that judges everything on how it looks at it’s surface level.

What you don’t really consider is the fact that they’re posting the picture, in a very falsified sense.

They’re essentially lying to the world, and more importantly, they’re lying to themselves.

They’re not as “together” as it seems to be, and they’re life is not as great as it seems on social media.

What Should I Do?

So the next time you see a peer post a social media picture, consider 2 things:

1) Why they’re doing it?

2) Does this represent reality?

They’re doing it to make themselves feel better – to get that dopamine hit.

Ask yourself that question the next time you’re about to post something on social media. Ask why? The true answer will surprise you.

And you guessed it to number 2. No, it doesn’t reflect reality. You can see through their photoshopped bullshit and realize that they’re just doing it out of a deep insecurity.

So the best thing you can do is to keep living life yourself, and ignore what they’re doing.

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