When To Leave Your 9-5 Corporate Job

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You Think You’re Ready?

The trap that most of us fall into, and it’s really no fault of our own because it happens to everyone at first, is going to work for Corporate America.

It’s what we’ve been conditioned to do our entire lives. And it’s a lie.

We’ve been first told that we have to study in school to get good grades, and then we need to get into a great college. After that we need to get an amazing job at some company and commute to an office every day for the next 40 years, working for someone else and playing it safe.

How did this become the image of success in our country?

It sounds to me like this is just playing it incredibly safe and should not be what people strive towards. Why is it a goal of ours in society to work for other people.

While we should all be grateful for opportunities that come up, I think we should strive for something more. Something better. As far as I’m concerned, none of us are coming back in the after life to do life over again.

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You’ve Been Thinking About It For More Than 6 Months

Leaving a steady pay check is nothing to take lightly.

But if there has been a nagging thought in the back of your head and you simply cannot stop thinking about leaving, you should seriously consider taking the leap – to work for yourself.

If you come home, day after day, from your job and you just repeatedly tell your friends, family and even yourself that you’re going to leave – that’s a huge signal that it’s time to go.

We all have good and bad days at work. Maybe your boss or co-worker is a major pain to deal with or any other political event is occuring at your job and it’s eating away at you. Some people would either just stick with it, or maybe even consider taking a lateral move to another job.

There’s an alternative to the rat race here.

You make the bold decision to leave, and start your own thing. But you know that you can’t just quit and do nothing.

You have to have a phenomenal idea on something to pursue. Something that you know is going to generate revenue.

We’d actually recommend testing your idea out, while you’re still employed. Pull some long nights and weekends pursuing it if you have to. Getting validation on a business idea, while you still have the security of a paycheck from your day job is the wisest combination of decisions to make. You’re playing it safe – but you’re also taking a huge risk.



You Already Have A Solid Idea

You can’t just quit your day job and do nothing.

Even people that have hit huge pay days and have quit their jobs, end up doing something.

So the first thing that you need, when making the decision to quit your job, is your next step. Your next big idea.

If you want to quit your job and don’t have any idea what you want to do next, I’m not sure that’s well thought through. If your mental health is in bad shape – consider seeking a therapist or counseling to work through any personal issues you might be going through. But if you’re mental health is strong and you still want to leave – make sure you have that idea ready.

Why not pursue it right now? While still employed?

There’s nothing stopping you.

Yes, you might have to turn down some social events and not go out and get drunk for a few weekends with your buddies. But so what? Why don’t you validate your “next idea” immediately?



You Have Plenty Of Money Saved Up

If you have overlap of your day job and your side hustle – that’s a winning recipe. You are continuing to make money, and you’re also pursuiong a possible reason for leaving your current job.

Every side hustle needs startup cash, it doesn’t have to be a ton. But while you’re validating your next idea, you will likely need at least $500 – $1,000 to get your domain name and hosting setup for your website, and then building out your own product or service. Even if you’re the one building them, your time is worth money – so it’s not exactly free.

You should make sure to budget and stay really boot strapped and scrappy. Don’t obsess over your logo or company name – these things are not that important and I see so many people get obsessed over it early on.

On top of solo funding your new venture, you need to cover your own living expenses – with the possibility of no or little money coming in for a while.

That’s the biggest risk honestly. Not being able to support yourself, while you pursue a new side hustle or idea.

Try to think 3 – 6 months out and do a “worst case scenario” assessment. Ask yourself what happens if you make no money for the next 6 months.

Can you afford that? 


You Are At The Right Point In Your Life To Do It

Do you currently have any kids? Is there someone else that is depending on you and your income?

If you’ve got a family to support – you can’t take on a tremendous amount of risk with an unknown outcome of the future. You’ve got too much riding on your current level of income. It’s the harsh reality of the world.You just need to make a more calculated and well thought out decision if you have others relying on you. Anyone can break free from the rat race, at any age.

I don’t know your current situation – but make sure to make this choice responsibly and while considering others in your life. You must validate your idea first, while still having an income, if you are supporting others.

But if you are younger and don’t have anyone other than yourself to take care of – you can take on a tremenous amount of risk. 

That’s when entrepreneurship is easiest to pursue – with the young risk takers.

Let us know below if you’re thinking about leaving your current day job.

What other risks are you currently facing?

What are you worried about the most?

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