What To Do When Procrastination Kicks In?

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First, Acknowledge Your Feelings And Emotions

Procrastination sucks and it’s not talked about nearly enough in the entrepreneur space.

You’re going to get knocked down time and time again – it’s the nature of breaking off on your own and doing your own thing.

When there’s no manager nagging you, you need to be 100% accountable for all of your time and your work.

You need to stay super disciplined and essentially be your own manager.

Being an entrepreneur is stressful and you need to be able to talk about the stress with your peers. Make sure to communicate these feelings with your co-founder(s), employees, friends, family, parents, pets (if you have any).

Procrastination is common for entrepreneurs once in a while because of stress. It is important to cope with the stress so you can deal with your work.

You’re only human, meaning that you have a finite amount of capacity for work until you need to recharge.

Don’t try to be a robot.

Think of a the story of the Tortoise and The Hare.

Be the tortoise.

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Address What Is Taking Up Your Time

Are you spending more time on social media and apps?

Are you giving in to your cravings for triple-sized servings of French fries?

If you are, then it is time to put an end to that.

Move away from the distractions and address what takes up most of your time.

Identify whether or not it’s something worthwhile.

Only work on the things that are actually going to move the needle and are important. 

Also, try to delegate as much as possible. This is massively overlooked.

Create a list of things that need to be done.

Getting organized gives us a sense of accomplishment that helps us to fight off procrastination.

If this sounds like your situation, then go ahead and make a list of everything that needs to be done or everything you need to take care off.

Write out all the things you should do in order for your business to function properly.

Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

In entrepreneurship, your highs are super high and your lows are super low.

Being an entrepreneur is 10x harder than doing a normal 9-5 job. But with this risk, comes the massive upside and potential.

The next time you feel yourself procrastinating, stop yourself immediately. Don’t keep telling yourself that you are lazy and are not good enough for your own business. Instead, find ways to relax and clear your head. Read a book or watch some videos online.

And remember this quote: “perfect is the enemy of good”.

  • Take a walk.
  • Take a hike.
  • Pick up a new hobby.
  • Call a loved one

We’ve found that one of the worst ways to fight off procrastination, is to just continue burying yourself back into your work.

If you do this, you’re not addressing anything and honestly, you’re just making the problem worse.

Instead, take a bite out of something small. Once you have done that, you can come back to your work feeling accomplished and re-invigorated.

By acknowledging these emotions and taking action on them, we are able to let go of the stress and procrastination that has been holding us back from doing our best work.

When you procrastinate, we believe that the snowball effect kicks in. It’s this negative super cycle that just continues to compound upon itself. The more you procrastinate, the worse it gets.

What do you like to do when you realize that procrastination is kicking in?

Let us know below!

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