The Obstacles Of Dating An Entrepreneur

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They’re Busy Now, All The Time

Your relationship wasn’t always like this.

When you were first dating, they had a lot more free time. You spent more time together. Things were easier.

Everything changed when they decided to take the plunge into entrepeneurship.

While you want things to be the way they were before, it’s almost feels like their new venture is more important than you.

It might feel like this, periodically – you have to know that they’re pursuing entrepreneurship to give themselves and you a better life.

When our partners take on risks in life, we need to fully support them. We know this in theory, but it’s something that’s easier said than done.

We’ve seen a lot of relationships fail, partially due to entrepereneurship.

Let’s look at the best way to handle the tough situation you’re finding yourself in. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it won’t always be this bad.

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They Didn’t Used To Be This Busy

We’re not sure if you came along when they were in their 9-5 job, or if you’ve been dating them once they were already on their journey.

Either way, you’ve got obstacles to face.

If you were with your significant other before they became an entrepreneur, then you know both worlds.

You know what it’s like to live in a stable world that’s predictable (9-5). And you know what absolutely chaos and uncertainty and risk looks like (entrepreneurship).

If you started dating them while they were already well on the journey to entrepreneurship – then you’ve really only lived in chaos.

The reality is that sometimes it feels like their business is the most important thing in their world.

Maybe your partner has been working long hours and either skips dinner or is completely absent during time when you should be paying attention to one another.

Try taking this situation from their perspective for a moment.

They probably don’t even realize that they’re being a little closed off or have been ignoring you.

They’re so focused and engaged on their work – that they forget how to properly priotize their relationships and their new venture.

Try to remember that while things are unstable right now, they won’t always be like this.

They’re trying as hard as they can to be successful – for BOTH of you.

They want to give you a life that they weren’t fully able to give you in their 9-5.

So your partner decided to take on some risk for a much higher reward and eventual pay out.


Life Was Easier During 9-5

The schedule of an entrepreneur is never predictable.

Sometimes it is absolutely full of meetings. Sometimes they are working nights and wekends for months on end and barely speak to anyone.

A 9-5’er has a pretty well known schedule, even weeks if not months out.

Everything is scheduled for them, ahead of time.

One things for certain for every entrepreneur – uncertainty waits at every corner.

Any real entrepreneur works 10x harder in their own pursuit of starting a company, than they’re going to work for someone else.

There’s no real surprise here.

If you work your heart out at a day job, there’s a good chance it won’t even be noticed.

But when you have your own company, you have all of the downside risk of possible failure – but you also have the unlimited upside risk, which is insanely attractive and attainable if you put the work in.

The fact that some nights they work through dinner and go to bed after you’re already there is scary.

Maybe you’re a creature of habit and like your routines.

As their partner – it’s your job to support them. So try not to give them a hard time or “the silent treatment” if they choose work over quality time, sometimes.

Yes, they’re busier now than they ever were before.

But there might be a different way to think about this.

What if you thought about this as an incredibly exciting opportunity for them, and even, yourself?!

What we’re trying to say is that you shouldn’t take it personally when they, at a rare occasion, focus a little bit more on their business than they do on you.

Because the truth is, they’re doing what they’re doing – for you.

This is something a lot of partners and spouses don’t fully realize.


What They Need Is Your Emotional Support

Things have definitely been tough for you, since your partner’s life has been more focused on their business than you’d like.

What they need from you is your continued and ongoing emotional support.

While it doesn’t seem like it, they’re probably having a time unwinding and seeing the bigger picture.

When people are so focused on one thing, they tend to have blinders on. They get so focused on one thing, that they forget what’s important around them. It’s important that you’re not too tough on them during periods like this.

Are you dating an entpreneur?

What struggles have you endured in your relationship?

Let us know below!

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