Daily Motivational Text Message

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Start your day right!


One Text.

Every Morning.

Always Motivational.



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Daily Benefits:

  • Text messages are sent every morning.

  • Motivational quotes are hand selected and never repeated.

  • Establish a set time every day to get inspired

  • Incredibly affordable ($1.99/month)

  • Makes a wonderful gift for someone in need of Motivation and Inspiration

  • You can cancel at any time, for any reason.


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31 reviews for Daily Motivational Text Message

  1. Brent Styles

    These are more motivational than your twitter account! OMG me and my kid absolutely love these. 100%

  2. Carl Jacobs

    Keep them coming baby!

  3. Seb Weissman

    God mode baby

  4. Ty Holmes

    I share these with my kids as I drive them into school. Really really motivational.

  5. Rebecca W.

    How did you set this up? Honestly have no idea but it’s amazing.

  6. Jack Reiner

    100% – love it. Do you have an app?

  7. Wolf Kevins

    First month free – hooked after day 2 😂

  8. Jess Purdy

    The messages are from Humor Gods. Thank you!

  9. Shiv Rhodes

    These are beautiful. Thank you so much and Amen! I love these.

  10. Tess Tucci

    Thank you. These are absolutely hilarious.

  11. Monte Finkleman

    Keep Them Coming – These always give me a smile in the morning.

  12. Monte Suzu

    Amen to you all – These have been just what I needed. I was able to get my wife to sign up too. We get them at the same time each day.

  13. Sally Hope

    Loving this – share it with my kids. 😂

  14. Amanda Brewer

    These are the super good! My kids love them.

  15. Mark Borne

    Thanks guys – kids are loving them, and so am I.

  16. Steve Katz

    This is the only service out there that will send you a text. We just got our favorite one this morning. Going to tell all my friends.

  17. Brand Wiles

    Love this.

  18. Brent Toole

    I just got my first text! 

This thing is awesome. Definitely going to tell my friends about it.

  19. Ed Mendez

    Amen – Thank you for sending me these texts. I would also like to receive texts at night and throughout the day. Can you do that?

  20. Fenwick O’Neil

    I have been a customer for a few weeks now – I think I’ll keep getting these texts.

  21. Beau Trey

    The Best Part of My Mornings

I get these right when I wake up. I wonder if I can get more than 1 per day?

  22. Liz Warren

    Amen – I send these to my daughter and god daughter every single day.

  23. Jack M.

    Thank you

Exactly as advertised. A text, every single morning. 365 days of the year. Loving these jokes.

  24. Mei Barry

    Convinced my Mom to sign up. 10/10.

I have been getting these texts for almost a year. I was recently able to get my Mom to sign up too.

  25. Alex Yong

    Received my first text this morning!

I love these texts!

    I have timed it to send right when I wake up. So it usually sends right after my morning alarm. I’ll sit in bed and think about the Bible verse before starting my day. I’ve found it gives the rest of my day a theme to follow. Amen.

  26. Vince Nighthawk

    LFG!!! 😂

  27. Beth Chandler

    Thank you

  28. Olaf Sandberg

    Loving this!

  29. Tang T.

    Motivational – 10 stars

  30. Mien Michaels

    Facebook Ad – Got Me Here

This is one of the few things I’ve probably actually purchased off of Facebook. I’m not sure there’s anything else out there quite like it.

  31. Alexandra Johnson

    Thank you – $3 is a great value. 

Is there any way I can get more than 1 text per day? I’d like to get texts randomly throughout the day. Still love it though!

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